Spider & Insect Exterminator Brookings

When you get home after a long day you want to feel that you are safe and in an environment that is welcoming. Your home is the place where you and your family create lasting memories and spend quality time together, it is an important place for bonding and growing. But, if you have an insect infestation in your home it can immediately feel like a place that you are unsafe and absolutely do not want to be. Suddenly, the security of your home has been compromised and you’re waiting for something to crawl on your or, bite your family at any moment. Some insects just make you irritated and you want to evict them from your home immediately. Other insects are actually dangerous to some of your family members and you may not want to be in your home at all.
The team at A-One Pest Control believes that you do not have to live with the frustration and fear of an insect infestation. For over 30 years our pest control experts have been committed to keeping the residents of Brookings feeling safe and happy in their homes by address all types of insect infestations. We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company and we offer free pest inspections.

All over North America a variety of spiders will take up space inside of homes. All 3,000 of these species are predators and will hunt small insects anywhere they are – this includes in your home. Some of the more dangerous species that families in Brookings deal with include:

• Black Widow – most of us can easily identify a black widow spider by the distinct red hourglass symbol that is on their “stomach”. The web that a black widow spider spins is fairly disorganized and can be found near the ground. They prefer to make their webs in areas that provide shelter and allow them to stay hidden, black widow spiders do not like interacting with humans. However, if they feel threatened or, their cover is disrupted a black widow spider will bite a human. The neurotoxic venom that they inject when they bite causes a painful bite. Certain groups of people will have a more significant reaction to a black widow spider bite include small children and the elderly.

• Hobo – It is impossible to identify a hobo spider without looking at it closely under a microscope. They resemble some common house spiders and are only distinguished by some very specific markings on their thorax. Hobo spiders build funnel shaped webs near the ground and then wait for insects to crawl into the funnel. While the hobo spider is widely known for aggressive behavior, overall they prefer to avoid contact with humans. If someone is bit by a Hobo spider, it is usually because they have threatened the spider by picking it up without knowing it was there. Hobo spider venom causes necrosis and pain.

Bed Bugs
Bed bugs can be found in all 50 states, including Oregon. These insects will quickly take over the space they are in with one female being able to lay more than 500 eggs per year. Whether they are in a movie theatre, a hotel, an airplane, or a department store, bed bugs quickly cause an infestation wherever they go. They connect themselves to you and your clothes and then travel back home with you where they begin their infestation of your home. Because their breeding is so quick and their behavior is so aggressive, it is difficult to control a bed bug infestation without the intervention of a professional pest technician.

If you see small bugs crawling around on your walls, carpet, or mattress that are reddish-brown in color, or you see red streaks or small black dots on your mattress or in the seams of your mattress, do not hesitate to contact the highly-trained team at A-One Pest Control immediately. It is likely that you have a bed bug infestation and you need a trained professional to help. Our team has been helping the residents of Brookings for more than 30 years keep their homes free from bed bugs and their families safe and healthy.