Insulation Installation & Repair Services

Very few pests choose to live with humans, in fact, they would much rather live anywhere else! But, when conditions in your home provide the ideal habitat for pests, they can’t help but start to move in.

To reduce the chances of a pest infestation in your home, the best thing to do is eliminate the conditions that they are attracted to. This includes reducing moisture levels and keeping openings sealed.

A-One Pest Control has more than 30 years of experience helping home owners to prevent pest infestations by eliminating the conditions that they thrive in.

Some of the options we provide our clients for pest prevention, removal, and cleansing are:

Vapor Barriers:

Also referred to as vapor diffusion retarders, the purpose of this material is to reduce the moisture levels in your home. In the crawl spaces and underside of your home exist high levels of moisture due to being close to the earth where water exists in the soil. Using vapor barriers like plastic sheeting and other materials to prevent moisture from being absorbed by plywood, drywall, and insulation can reduce the chances of your home succumbing to the damage caused by dry rot.

Belly Wraps:

This service is offered to our clients who live in manufactured homes. The area under these homes, known as the “belly” of the home, is especially vulnerable to heat and moisture. Having an airtight belly is imperative to keeping the home well insulated and reducing the moisture level. However, many times the material that is installed to seal off the belly of the home is penetrated by water and gas lines, and if the areas where these penetrations occur are not properly sealed, they can serve is the perfect opening for pests to get in.

Vent Screens: 

All around the foundation that your home sits on you can see rectangular cut outs that are covered with wire screens. These cut outs are designed to release moisture and heat from under your home and create suitable ventilation. If your home’s ventilation cut outs are not properly screened, they can also serve as the perfect entrance for pests to crawl inside and start an infestation.

Dry Rot Repair:

Because your home is situated on land, which naturally has a certain level of water in the soil, it is natural for there to be moisture trapped in certain areas of your home. However, if you do not the proper steps to reduce and manage the moisture level, it will be absorbed by the plywood, plaster, and insulation. Once this happens it is natural for these materials to begin growing fungus, which will eventually lead to decay and dry rot.

Disinfect, Sanitize, and Virucide (DSV):

This treatment is usually administered in response to a growth of mold or mildew, or because an animal has died in or under your home. The health hazards that these conditions can create include the growth of bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Through the careful and expert application of our DSV treatment, these conditions are eliminated and you and your family are left with sanitary and safe home conditions.

Feeling secure and safe in your home is important to all families. Unfortunately, a pest infestation disrupts this feeling of sanctuary and leaves you feeling violated and vulnerable. Luckily, the team of expert pest control technicians at A-One Pest Control have extensive experience and training in the prevention, treatment, and cleansing of pest infestations and will help you manage any situation you are faced with.